Having the right network infrastructure can provide your business with a competitive edge over your competition by ensuring productive staff, automation of processes, and high availability of network resources. Making the wrong decision in either procurement or implementation can end up costing you both time and money. The key to an effective network design is to understand the business objective, differentiate between different technologies, and then implement solutions that will suit the organization’s intended result. Our project team understands that such investments are not taken lightly and strive to ensure that your investment is the right choice for your intended result. We accomplish this by:

  • Having a Pre-Proposal meeting with the potential client and senior team engineer to fully understand the intended goal of the solution
  • Working with established vendor relationships to examine the proposed solution and ensure that each solution meets its intended result
  • Pre-Project meetings to establish criteria, and full scope of service with client
  • Project testing on virtual servers
  • After-hours installation to ensure least amount of impact on users
  • Post Project implementation and support team available 24/7

Understanding your needs, creating the right solution, and ensuring a smooth implementation are keys to our success, and just a few of the key features that set our Project team apart from the competition.